Design of the Memorial

Memorial image courtesy Virginia Public Safety Foundation

The Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial has been designed by Richmond-based BAM Architects.

The centerpiece of the memorial is a wall of names carved into stone-the names of men and women killed in the line of duty in Virginia. The stone is Mount Airy Granite, a beautiful white stone quarried in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The white wall of stone invokes the purity of the sacrifice each public safety officer made in giving their life in service to others. The names on the wall are an enduring testament to the valor of these individuals and the courage of their loved ones.

The site of the Memorial is Darden Garden on Capitol Square in Richmond. Located between the General Assembly Building and the historic boundary of the original Capitol grounds, the Memorial will stand proudly with the other monuments on Capitol Square. The names of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice will be adjacent to those who shaped the history of our Commonwealth.

The Memorial is a place to be present in both the world of memory and the world of the living. The wall is recessed in the ground, a subtle gesture that begins to create a more private space to experience the name of your lost loved one. Adjacent to the memorial wall is a walkway and along the walkway is a low water feature. The sound and space of the water create a private place to contemplate the name on the wall, while allowing for a visual connection to the Capitol and surrounding area.

Seating-benches along the Capitol Square fence-allows one to experience the entire wall of names, acknowledging as a group those who have sacrificed their lives to protect citizens of the Commonwealth.